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About Maximpact

Maximpact is a global consulting group that provides development and technical services to projects and businesses of all sizes and development stages. We specialise in providing community solutions, capacity building and training for organisations, and training refugees in vocational language with job placement opportunities.

Our group of experts have worked on hundreds of projects in renewable energy, water, waste, agriculture and aquaculture for private and public organisations such as USAID, UN, FAO, UNDP and GIZ.

Over the last years, we have been delivering capacity building and training services to organisations all around the world including Ethiopia, Jordan, Geneva, US, UK, Germany and Serbia, which led us to develop online webinar training for anyone to attend from anywhere in the world; and our “Fast Track to Employment for Refugees and Migrants”.

The Fast Track to Employment program provides vocational language training to refugees and migrants and job opportunities, creating a faster, cost effective and more efficient way to integrate them socially and economically.

Project and Business Services

Maximpact provides project and business services to both for-profit and non-profit projects and services. We work with strategic partners from all over the world to make sure our clients get the best expertise in the specific area they need.

Fast Track to Employment for Refugees and Migrants

Fast economic integration of refugees and migrants is key to host countries economic and social prosperity.

Fast track to employment program bridges the gap between employers and migrants.

Capacity Building and Training

Maximpact provides specialised field, in-person training webinars and vocational trainings to individuals and organisations on Waste, Water, Agriculture, Development and Refugee/Migrants sector specific language.

Our group of training experts delivered over 100 trainings to clients including the UN, USAID, OXFAM, GIZ and FAO.

Community Solutions

We provide effective solutions to communities in the areas of sustainable energy, waste and water resource management.

Through our partners, we have access to the latest technology, experts and the best industry practices to identify and find the right solutions for existing challenges.

Supporting Organizations